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  We inform our customers that, due to Covid-19, it is preferable to book the vehicle in advance. The cancellation of the reservation does not involve any additional cost.

Choose your vehicle by identifying the beauty of Tuscany
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When you’ll choose the better car for your holidays in Italy, especially under the Tuscan Sun, take in consideration that Italy in very beautiful and also very very small! Very small!
Cities, streets and above all parking spaces are smallest than in USA, Canada or other country.


Even if you are European you will discover so many beautiful places one close to the other, so you will not pass a lot of time driving.

So for Your Gran Tour in Italy the smaller car is better and comfortable.
Trust us!

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​Do you love “Roman Holiday” style?

If you rent a scooter or motorbyke, each passenger now need an helmet for Italian law, we give it to you FOR FREE.
All of our scooters have a top case and ram-mount for smartphone.

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