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DR 5.0 automatic

DR 5.0 automatic

Per Day Rate
€ 120 / Day
Delivery/Drop off
+€ 40 delivery to the customer in Florence area
Doors: 5
Suitecases: 3 Big + 2 Small
Seats: 5
USB Charger, Apple Car Play
GPS: on board (in your language)
Km/day: 300 included in the rate (0.25€ each extra km)
Lease : 24 hours
More drivers allowed

DR 5.0 automatic is a very confortable car for 5 passenger, also has a large trunk if you have a lot of suitcases, it is a perfect car for a family!

It is not included the Fuel so you will pick the car Full and please you will have to return it full tank .

If the tank will not be full we will provide to refill it and we will charge you the cost of fuel + the refueling service that is € 15,00 .

You will have to return the car to Garage Europa in our spots.

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