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Fiat Panda 1.2 Easy Manual

Fiat Panda 1.2 Easy Manual

Per Day Rate
€60 / Day
Delivery/Drop off
+ € 20
4 doors car
Suitecases: 2 medium
Seats: 5
USB Charger
GPS: on board ( in your language )
Km/day: 250 included in the rate ( 0.25€ each extra km )
Lease : 24 hours
Fuel : Petrol Unleaded , with Green pump at Gas Station
Drivers allowed : 2 have held a valid driving license

Fiat Panda is a little car , but very confortable for your trips under the Tuscan Sun  !!!

When you ‘ll chose the better car for your holidays in Italy , specially under the Tuscan Sun , take in consideration that Italy is very very beautiful and very very small.

I mean cities , streets and above all parking spaces are smallest than in USA , Canada or other countries.

Even if you are European you will discover so many beautiful places one close to the other, so you will not pass a lot of time driving.

So when you chose a car consider:

how many seats you will need

if you feel more confident driving manual or automatic ( you know Italian drivers are a little bit crazy)

how much space you will need for your luggages , because I’m always afraid about my customers Luggages.

So smaller the car is better it is , comfortable but as small as possible.


It is a 5 seats car , 4 doors . It is very confortable for long travel if you are just 2 , not so confortable for more passengers.


It is not included the Fuel so you will pick the car Full and please you will have to return it full tank .

If the tank will not be full we will provide to refill it and we will charge you the cost of fuel + the refueling service that is € 15,00 .


You will have to return the car to Garage Europa in our spaces . And there is no extra cost during our regular opening hours. But there will be € 24,00 of extra cost if you return it after our regular opening hours .

  • GPS navigation in your language
  • 2 drivers allowed
  • 250 km per day
  • Basic insurance with deductable
  • Italian tax
  • It is not included the Fuel so you will pick the car Full and please you will have to return it full tank