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Smart Fortwo Automatic Convertible

Smart Fortwo Automatic Convertible

Per Day Rate
€ 100 / Day Tax included
Delivery/Drop off
+ € 40 delivery to the customer in Florence Area
Door : 3
Suitcases: 2 little
Seats : 2
USB charger
GPS : on board (in your language)
Km/Day : 300 included in the rate ( 0.25€ each extra km )
Lease : 24 hours
More Drivers Allowed

As you can understand by the name it is just for two persons .But it is a Car , for sure !

In the laguagge-van you can fit two little lagguage, some space is taken from the roof when it is open.

It is very easy to drive and above all very easy to park.

It is not included the Fuel so you will pick the car Full and please you will have to return it full tank .

If the tank will not be full we will provide to refill it and we will charge you the cost of fuel + the refueling service that is € 15,00 .

You will have to return the car to Garage Europa in our spots.

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